I know we spoke yesterday but I just wanted to write to you and tell you again just how much I love my new puppy! She is absolutely amazing! Still not one accident in the house. Unbelievable! :) She follows my husband and I around and is always laying at our feet! If we move over 5 ft she will get up and move too. She is also so smart. She sits for us and is learning how to "lay down." She has a good appetite and is so well behaved in the house. It is like night and day when she is outside from when she is inside. She is such a bundle of energy outside but as soon as we come in she puts on her "inside manners" and is very calm and pretty much just likes to lay down right next to where ever the family is.

I can not say enough wonderful things about her. We are so lucky to have a dog like her. She is absolutely perfect. Really and truly perfect! She is very smart, affectionate, well mannered, and loves to play with my kids and Xena. We honestly could not have found a better dog than her! I can't wait to see what a beautiful amazing dog she will become. Thank you so much for letting her be adopted into our family! I know I keep repeating myself but I am so happy with her you have no idea. Thank you thank you thank you! I will send pics hopefully this weekend. I will keep in touch and again, she is amazing!
Natalie Bachura and family