Welcome to Warnerhaus German Shepherds snuggled in the mountains of Colville, Wa., approximately 2 hours from Spokane and close enough to Oregon, Idaho and Montana for an easy drive on puppy pick up day. We specialize in quality German Shepherds with excellent temperament for the perfect family companions. Their companionship, loyalty, temperament and working ability are just a few of the qualities possessed by our German Shepherds. These high quality dogs are raised in a family environment as part of our family and are born and cultured in our home. Socialization is critical in the growth of the pup and they are held and played with on a daily basis by all family members and neighboring children. Since they are raised in our home they are used to all the daily sounds around the home and are not afraid of the vacuum, washer, dryer, blender etc. but usually do not like the sound of the hair dryer...it means bath time.
Breeding is a hobby for us. We have a great love for the breed and desire to share these fantastic companions with others like us who love the German Shepherd and want protection for their family. German Shepherds are bold, brave, loyal family companions possessing a threatening bark to ward off unwanted intruders.
When you purchase one of our puppies you are receiving a part of our family, therefore we are selective in the environment our puppies will be going. Please call or e-mail us and let us know about the home you wish to bring one of these pups into and something about you and your family and your experience with German Shepherds. We want to make certain our puppies and their new home will make the perfect match. We love our pups and wish only the best of environments for each of them. THEREFORE, WE WILL NOT SELL A PUPPY TO A PET STORE OR A PUPPY MILL!!!